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Here are a few testimonies of the students participating in the virtual meeting (May 31 – June 02, 2021):

„The best part of the virtual meeting was the escape room. It was interesting , motivating and we could share / check information and knowledge about our own countries” 

“I like it a lot. I made new friends and knew new cultures. I hope there will be more projects like that.” 

“I enjoyed it a lot. My favourite was the escape room activity. I’d like that we could do more interactive activities like these ones. Everything was wonderful at the ERASMUS chain reaction project!” 

„I liked the Erasmus hours because i had the chanche to meet people from other countries and everything was fine.”  

“It was great. Everything was on time. Activities were interactive, everybody was involved actively, not just sitting and watching. Thanks again for a fruitful time together!” 

„I think it was really fun, I really liked the games and kahoots we did. I think it’s very interesting to learn more about other countries with games. I think nothing needs to improve, I personally really liked it :)” 

“I liked this meeting very much. It was useful and integrative. I was satisfied with everything! I liked that everything had been prepared in advance, had been thought of in a variety of detail. Indeed, these days we spent together were enjoyable.” 

“Hello! It was nice and interesting ! We want to participate in Erasmus + activities when it will be possible to travel, to see the Europe’s people and places and to share our experiences. THANKS! It was great meeting you all!”

„My opinion is a very good one because i had fun and i really liked this online meeting,I liked the people here,the games and the presentations.I hope to have more of these activites as much as possible”

“I think that the online meeting was very important for us, the students, to learn new things and to realize the importance of cycling. I liked to socialize with other students”


Tour de Pologne Tarnowskie Góry – Katowice (pdf 516 kB)

Tour de Pologne (pdf 1169 kB)

Tour de Pologne – zabytki (pdf 523 kB)

Jaworzno, Kocierz (pdf 749 kB)


The history of bike 3 (pdf 548)

The history of bike 2 (pdf 681)

The history of bike 1 (pdf 323 kB)


Romania – Zuzanna Malsrska (Poland) (pdf 2776 kB)


After the visit in Latvia where 4 students and 4 teachers participated in the 3rd Staff training and Short term exchange of pupils 6-10 of May 2019, the participants presented to our school team and teachers the activities of the mobility. The prepared a PP presentation and they talked abut their experiences.