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Our facility is a primary school with integration departments. There are 979 pupils and 127 teachers here. The educational tasks of our school are subordinated to the overarching objective of comprehensive development of the student in the emotional, social, cultural, moral, ecological, health and intellectual dimensions.

We strive for our school to be:

  • modern
  • promoting the idea of ​​integration
  • promoting a healthy lifestyle (without addictions and pathological behaviors)
  • preparing students for continuing education at the next educational stage
  • creating favorable conditions achieving successes in learning and rewarding these achievements
  • supporting students and supporting their development
  • equalizing educational opportunities
  • safe
  • caring for a positive atmosphere conducive to emotional development of students
  • shaping the proper social attitudes of students
  • friendly for everyone (anti-discrimination, counteracting segregation, multiculturalism)
  • open to parents’ participation in school life In our school, we place great emphasis on promoting a healthy lifestyle.

For several years, we have been taking part in the Cycling May competition, which promotes commuting to bicycles lessons, on scooters or roller skates. Our school loves to ride a bike. Both students and employees. With the arrival of spring, the area at the school turns into one large bicycle parking lot. It happens that there are not enough places where you can attach your bike. We like to come to school on bikes. We encourage each other to joint activities. We are healthier, more smiling and we care about the environment. A bicycle school, like ours, affects the future. It gives new opportunities, raises the awareness of a safe path to and from school. We work hard to get as many students as possible to get a cycling card. To make students aware of road users. We want to develop in this field, we want to know more and more. We want to learn from others. We want to look at the bike from a different perspective. We want to listen to what our partners think about bicycle school. What ideas they have. We want to know what they are struggling with? What is going well? What can we work on together? What can we learn from each other? We want to talk, draw conclusions, grow.