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OŠ Sućidar is a primary scool in Split, in Croatia.

Sućidar is a city district in the eastern part of Split. The name of the district dates back to the Middle Ages, and it was created according to the church of St.Izidor from 9th century.

In the 80’s of the 20th century started a construction of the school in the place where used to be vineyards and fields. The school was opened on 1st September 1982.

In 1991 the school got her present name: Primary school “Sućidar” and the principal becomes Vlade Dragun who is still principal.

The school has 704 students. We have 32 classrooms and we work in 2 shifts. More than 50 teachers  and 11 non- teaching stuff were employed at the school.

On 7th of October 2011. the school’s new floor was officially opened.

We haven’t  the school gym but we hope it will be construct soon.

There is informatics classrom at school and  we have electonic diaries instead of paper diaries . Also, since this scool year, we will have a special classroom for the children with learning difficulties and other special needs.