Grundzāles Pamatskola is a co-educational facility that meets the academic, social and physical needs of students aged 7-16. It is a typical school in the Latvian village with 82 students and 25 children in pre-school departments. It includes 17 creative, active and qualified teachers and 4 nice and qualified pre-school teachers. Our students are proud of the good achievements of regional competitions.

We also have a license to teach students with special needs. The school is very active in sports, social projects, environmental issues and other areas that are the concern of the community. There are three dance groups in the school, a choir, sports groups and young guards. After school there is the opportunity to study in a sports, artistic or musical school. The school works closely with key stakeholders who will contribute to the implementation of the project.

Our goal under the Erasmus + program is to increase understanding and knowledge about other countries and their education system and teaching methods. Through European cooperation, we expect:

  • to create a better awareness, appreciation and understanding of the education system of other European countries
  • encourage teachers to go beyond the narrow boundaries of their own society and challenge pre-concepts and stereotypical images
  • provide a significant context for the development of communication skills (including interpersonal and ICT)
  • provide a cross-curricular approach to teaching and learning
  • provide opportunities for personal development and building trust